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Participants in Blogs, Having a Generous Spirit, Praise is Due and Thank You!

Relating with those who don't know Jesus yet

Creative Gifts, Blessing People, Uplifting to People, Drawn to Jesus

Sharing about Jesus, Keeping things Simple, How Constantine affected Christianity

Neuroscience Catches Up, Principle of Replacement, Renewing our Mind, Our Creator God

Comforting Words

Need a Hiding Place? Haven of Rest, Gods Presence, Finding Comfort in God

Worry and Anxiety, Find Answers in these Scriptures!

Walking with Jesus

Our Faith is Precious, Personal Image of God, Effect of Negative, Change the Tide

Free in Christ, Not Law but Grace, Work of the Cross

Reigning in Life, Taking the Initiative, Making Choices

Power of Choice, TV Impacts Our Brain, Needing Time Out, Nutrition and Morale

About Faith

Faith and Feelings, Spirit and Life, Sense Knowledge, Believing

Essence of Faith, Principles, Hindrances, Individual and Spontaneous, Religion

Healing Grace and Love, He is Willing, Questioning Gods Nature, Healing Doubts

Importance of Words

Speaking His Words, Transforming Our Lives, Lifting Our Spirit.

Start the Day Rejoicing, Words of Life, Color your Life, Impact of Words, Stresses of life Commenced

Negative words Effect our Mood, We can Speak Uplifting Words, A Good Way to Live, Encouragements

Toxic Content in Sermons and Song Lyrics, Awareness

Words of Encouragement

Kindness of God, Light of God, His Presence, Conviction or Condemnation? Comforting Words.

Words of Encouragement, Having Hope, Rising High

Relating with Health

Blessings of Laughter, Add Some Each Day!

Careful with Prescriptions, Medical Induced Maladies, Healthy Choices

Relating closely as family, Meaningful friendship times, Pace of modern living, Old fashion values

Power of Choice, TV Impacts Our Brain, Needing Time Out, Nutrition and Morale

Christians Relating

Making and Keeping Promises, Good Intentions, Having Integrity, Rash Promises

Christian Conduct, Offending Eachother, The Challenge, Needing Comfort?

To be Christlike, Ready for Jesus, Are You Spiritual?

Thoughtless Words and Acts, Taking Accountability, How To Recover, Jesus Our Example

Living with Stress?

Handling Stressful Situations, A Major Stress to Christians, God of Peace, Encouraging Scriptures

Peace Amidst Stress, The World Cannot Fix it, New and Living Way, Follow Me, Church System?

After Answers?

Jesus said Follow Me not the preacher, If they fall you can fall, Preachers let us down Jesus Never!

Reckless Televangelists, True Nature of Prophetic Christians, Keep Your Joy and Peace!

Did Early Christians Tithe? Do Preachers Pressure You? Find The Real Facts! Free To Give

Change in Churches, Follow ME, Salvation and Repentance, Social Gospel, True Grace

Christian Way of Living

Life Principles, Fruit of the Spirit, The Good Shepherd

Walking in Love, Precious Counsel, What Touches our Father?

Having A Thankful Spirit, Receiving Gods Gifts, Sharing Our Blessings With Others

Deeper Matters

The Kingdom of God Is, Fruit of The Spirit, Living for Jesus!

Call to Maturity, God Seems Distant, Power of Choice, Good Results.