Janet and Jesus - "Inspirations for You"
I have a Treasure-Store in The Lord.... AND....part of it comes from times that have caused me to be Well Seasoned in God. Think how much  character  we  would  lack  in the  Natural  if we  never  had  a problem  or a  challenge  in life? This  also  applies  spiritually......we actually  take on a  New-Found Strength  in the Eyes of God.......and come into a place of more LIBERTY!

Cheerful Empathy
He was my song through the night
When I found myself in a plight
My strength is renewed
I can sing a new tune
He was my song in the night.
He was always there for me
Gave me times of tranquility
The waters were calm
I was in His Palm
Engraved in the Hand of God.
Now there is laughter and peace
There were then when my soul was at ease
New life springs forth
And what is more
There will be a time for you too.

Janet Vargas ©  June 2012

I Thank God!
There were certain pressures
God never intended for me
His Spirit stayed beside me
and made me surpass them all.
It takes pressure to make a diamond
that's what they sometimes say
May you sparkle as brightly
as I feel I am today.

Janet Vargas © Jan 2013

Prevail in God
When those times of pressure come
run to Him instead of away
And He will become your Strength and Stay
if your heart does not give way.
In Him you will find a Rock of Refuge
He will become your Strong High Tower
Where you can see the bigger picture
"Character is Forming in You"
preparing you for better days.
If you have no pressures
where's your Strength to give others
family, friends and those around?
But life should not all be pressures
that baffle and astound.
Stand your ground with a spirit of rejoicing
you do this by giving deliberate Praise
For the Mighty Work that Christ has wrought
over every foe.
That includes those who challenge you
they only seek to confuse.
He's the God of PEACE and not confusion
plant these Words in your heart
And He will surely Sanction you
He LOVED you from the Start.

Janet Vargas © Jan 2013

Take Heart
My flesh may fail and my heart may also
but this I know_ I can rely on my God
For I have made Him my Refuge
the Refuge of my heart
For me it is Good
just to be Near Him.

Janet Vargas © Jan 2013

I wish you Well
Very soon the sun will set
Just before the night-fall
At times today my soul was blessed
I meditate as I have my rest.
There have been times that challenged me
But the day has dawned and I feel free.
I wish you all well ~ May Jesus be with you
at the break of dawn

Janet Vargas©  June 2012

Needed Rest
He gives me repose when I am there
away in the cleft of the Rock
And there I’m sure He fully knows
those things on me to bestow.
When I am lost with Him in prayer
“not a worry, not a care”__
is my strength for being there.

 Janet Vargas  © March 2012

The Apostle Paul tells us that we can Rejoice when we run into problems and pressures because through them we develop Endurance that develops our Character and that strengthens our Hope in God. The NLT says that this Hope will not disappoint us because the Holy Spirit is given to Fill our hearts with LOVE.

Can I testify to this, that when we are faithful in times of pressure and prevail with Praise, we develop Strength and Character that brings us into NEW HOPE and EXPECTATIONS. He brings us into a Spacious Place as David would say_ where we can start to move places in God and experience the Joys of Life He has planned for us in Fuller Measure! And there is no-one like the Holy Spirit who can Fill our hearts with SUCH LOVE in both the hard times and the Good.