Janet and Jesus - "Inspirations for You"
God has made a New Covenant with us by Grace through the work of Jesus. I would like to see everyone rejoicing in this Freedom.
Inspired Poems about Jesus makes  Free and Salvation in Christ our Savior.
It's Nice to be Free
Freedom to be just what I am
You have for me such Perfect Plans
of things that suit me
and make me to be
confident and free to express
truly I would not settle for less
than Jesus' Very Best.
You give me Freedom to change
and to see a vision for change.
Things that hinder
I'd not want to linger
so I can adapt to new things.
Sometimes New Talents
are waiting for me
waiting for my discovery!
Janet Vargas  © May  2012
True Freedom
True Freedom is not found in religion
but with JESUS the Prince of PEACE
He will bring you sweet release
such JOY that makes you REJOICE.
It's not found in religion
and all that submission
but giving your life to HIM.
This will surely Gladness bring
when you're living for Him.
To live for Him is LOVE, JOY & PEACE
that's the real Kingdom of God.
Free from bondage, a world of sin
TO REJOICE, how good is that?
So if you choose JESUS over religion
I give you sincere Congrats!
He desires mercy, not to be churchy
your feet on Higher ground_
His Praises to Resound
All the week, no longer bleak
when you're walking Close to HIM.
Janet Vargas © Dec 2012
Just You and Jesus
who came to Free Us
not Religious Laws.
A Life with Jesus
who came to Free Us
is the BEST I Know
where His Glory shows.
It's found in your JOY
it's found in your PEACE
and in your spirit sweet RELEASE
YES, simply the BEST I Know.
So keep it Simple and your heart nimble
for the work of His Spirit of Grace.....
His work, not yours_ don't make it a chore
and a SMILE will be found on your face!
Janet Vargas © Dec 2012
The skies are clear blue
I sing a new tune
it's "Christ in Me"
This Revelation brings Celebration
and I am Free.
Resting in Christ
who came from Glory
He came to give Life
a bright New Story
"JESUS now Lives in Me"

Janet Vargas © Dec 2012
YES Jesus makes us Free_ everything has been freely given in His Salvation Package when He came into our hearts. Salvation itself is more than being forgiven and having Eternal Life_ Healing, Provision and more that we need in this life are Paid for in Full by the Redeeming Blood of Jesus at the Cross 2,000 years ago....and all we have to do is appropriate those blessings NOW like Salvation by Grace......it's ALL GRACE for the accepting and living. When we're living in the Fullness of Salvation Jesus brought to us_ this really brings Him Glory and Praise!