Janet and Jesus - "Inspirations for You"
God made each one of us capable of receiving direction in this lifeIt comes to us naturally by His Spirit when unhindered by the voices of man that can crowd it out and dim our vision of Him - our one True Source of Life.

Christian Inspiration Poems. Life at it's Best...Find His Plans... Direction in Life...Simply Jesus...Take Care and Live

Simply Jesus  

Whoever said that living for God is bad?
but lies from this world, they will make you sad.
Don't miss this life that Jesus intended
embrace it today and befriend it.
Those who truly find it say it's a GOOD way to live
don't let your life go through a sieve
before you find it or it's too late
to enter through those Pearly Gates.
But a measure of Heaven is here as well
it should not have to be a hard sell.
And you'll find it Best at His request
"Follow Me", He said, not a church or man.
For Jesus, He speaks TRUE Words of Life
they were not meant for theory or strife.
If you take them Simply as they are
apply them daily and not wander far....
You will realize His intentions for you
are not for hardship and feeling blue
But some Heaven on earth then Heaven Above
this is the Legacy of His LOVE....
for those who Seek Him and want Him to be
ALL that He Promised to you and me.
Whoever said living for Jesus is hard?
they've not really known Him

Janet Vargas © Jan 2013  

Life at it's Best

I have the power to choose and keep moving in life
There's times to be still and just be filled.
But life should not be stationary
I'll live it faithfully
with this power of choice You gave to me.
When I rise each day, I'll plan my day
to live life at it's best, I'll not settle for less.
I'll make decisions - Lord give me a vision
Things to accomplish in this life that I live
never to let it go through a sieve
But to be truly wise and not listen to lies
Life can be Good to me
and this I will SEE.

Janet Vargas © July 2013

Find His Plans 

Decide on Jesus and His Perfect Plans
not the impositions of man
Churches' sermons and world of TV
they seek for an audience from you and me.
If you would find LIFE and rest from strife....
it's seldom found in the voices of men.
Find JESUS_ He's your Perfect Friend
One who is not just for now and then.
If you'll be acquainted in a way that's not tainted
by the thoughts and opinions of man
He will become your Resting Place
for He is the Great I AM__
He's everything you need Him to be
get to know Him and you'll be FREE!  
Don't LET the world or church crowd Him out
of your heart or your thoughts - it will make you pout
Work and Media seek your attention
every day to dim His Reflection.
If you want solitude, Peace and MORE
it's found this side of Heaven's Shores!
Direct your thoughts to Him Alone
and in His Presence you'll feel at HOME.
Then ask Him to show His Plans for your life
be not in a rush but give this some time.
Come aside with His Words
TRULY the BEST I have heard.
Spend time in His Presence for this is the Essence
of Life, Hope, Joy, Peace to bring into your day....
Do this Now and Always
"The New Living Way!"  

Janet Vargas © Jan 2013

Take Care and Live

Don't side with the devil, live at a new level
you do this by watching your words
this is something many have learnt.
Words have the power of life and death
if you use them for life you will not fret.
Couple with Praise throughout your days
this is truly an excellent way!

Our enemies wait for our words
give them to God instead.
For by them our lives are led
like a rudder of a ship.
You can turn them around, this will astound
order your day with care.
When you place your order, let it be words of life
and words of cheer that will save you from strife.
When they're words of cheer, His Angels are near
especially Praise, let it not be late.

When you start your day, meditate on His Words
for this is something I have heard:
when you make them your treasure
and speak them with pleasure
they add blessing to your day!
For His Angels are waiting to Act on them
this is the way they become your friends.
When your words reach His ears they also hear
and you value His Presence, this is the essence
of a life that's hid in God, on this earthly sod.

If you do these things you'll be of Good Cheer
your God is interested, He is near
in the thoughts that you think 
and the words that you speak.
Let them be with your heart not just your mouth
let your God delight in you.
So you live at a new level above the devil
this is what Jesus Saved you for
not just so you'd live on distant shores.
But here and Now an Abundant Life
it's called the New Living Way.

Janet Vargas © Oct 2013 

The Angels work very closely with the Holy Spirit.
They will always draw you to JESUS never away from HIM.
Many have been attracted to 'angels'....let this not
cause us to neglect their true presence.

Direction in Life

I'll find my own direction in life
one that's free from hardship and strife.
It is hard to please everyone
I'll live only, always for the Son.
He does not shout or crowd me out.
He does not push or pull.
So the voices of men, I'll give a clout
and live my life to the full.
Full of Mercy, full of Peace
in this I find a sure release.
Life abundant and not redundant
He offered me so others could see
His Life, Joy, Health, Peace
a Living Bright Reality!

Janet Vargas © June 2013

Jesus and Me

People are often busy-bodies
sometimes with good intentions.
They think their way of thinking is best
for their life and yours, they don't let you rest.
Go to Jesus for respite, He will make your spirit light.
Then make your stand for Him alone
He gives Freedom in your home.
Yes, in your heart, make a new start
it's Jesus and Me and I am Free.

Janet Vargas © June 2013

So there's some Poems to give you SPACE
and Space for JESUS
So you can live a Happier Life with Him.