Janet and Jesus - "Inspirations for You"
YRoseAlosblnk1Living_ with Jesus
I don’t have religion, I have joy
all Your praises to employ.
I thank you Jesus for giving me
a better life and liberty.
You saw my quest for happiness
then Your Love was manifest
You gave me life and You gave me joy
I would not spoil it for anything.
Why should I want to add to You
where would I find
and what would I choose?
All the blessings I’ve found with You
in You I find my everything.
You’re my contentment
You are my PEACE
You’ve given to me sweet release
from the stresses of life
and this world of strife
In You I find Perfect Peace.
I look to You in all my needs
I know You provide
and I’m at ease
If there is something I’ve learned from You
I’ve only to come, I can count on You.
If there is a tempest
You’re at the helm
of the ship that I’m on
in this earthly realm.
You guide me to safety
You steer a straight course.
I live in Your Triumphs
You make me FREE.
You’re my satisfaction
and liberty
Why would I trade this for anything?
worldly bondage, religious laws?
You’ve guided me surely to New Shores.

Janet Vargas   © May 2012

"Hullo Apple, what a pretty name....and you're as sweet
as apples too. It was so lovely to meet you today.
Welcome to all your friends also!!!"
Yellow Roses for Friendship: Make JESUS your 24/7 Friend whether you know Him or not. Truly, He is the Very Best you will ever be acquainted with!