Janet and Jesus - "Inspirations for You"
Strength in God can see you through any situation in life and is a Mighty Fortress.  HOPE goes  together with  Strength  and is truly AMAZING when anchored on the Rock of our SALVATION.
Standing in Christ
I have decided to walk and follow Jesus
I have decided to rule and reign with Him
for I am seated with Christ in Heavenly places
I shall stand and trust His Mighty Hand.
I have His Fellowship, I have His Love Divine
I have His Words of Truth, I am at peace with God
He is my Sovereign, He's my Lord and Savior
and He keeps His Hand upon me all the way.

Janet Vargas © Jan 2013
I Thank God!
There were certain pressures
God never intended for me
His Spirit stayed beside me
and made me surpass them all.
It takes pressure to make a diamond
that's what they sometimes say
May you sparkle as brightly
as I feel I am today.
Janet Vargas © Jan 2013
Quality in each Day
We have meals 3x a day
How often do we have a laugh
A thought for prayer or praise
Or a moment of composure?
How different each day would be.
Janet Vargas © June  2012
A Steady Pace
I have Faith to run the race
Keep me at a steady pace
Holy Spirit stay by my side
truly in Jesus I shall abide
Love's Sweet Song....
Janet Vargas  © Oct 2012
Needed Rest
He gives me repose when I am there
away in the cleft of the Rock
And there I’m sure He fully knows
those things on me to bestow.
When I am lost with Him in prayer
“not a worry, not a care”__
is my strength for being there.
 Janet Vargas  © March 2012
God is GOOD
He understands Everything
Talk to Him Every Day!