Janet and Jesus - "Inspirations for You"
Oh the Glories of Creation by a Magnificent Creator God throughout the Universe and Nature....how Wonderful they are!
I've envisioned a Page like this for The Lord for sometime.

Christian Inspiration Poems about the Wonders of Creation. Sun Blessed Morning...Birds at Night...Sunny Day...Magnify The Lord...A Clear Day etc

Christian Inspiration Poems about the Wonders of Creation. Sun Blessed Morning...Birds at Night...Sunny Day...Magnify The Lord...A Clear Day etc

God in Creation

The Melodic Hills speak of His Praise
the birds are singing Salvation's Song
The Rivers so clear a Reflection of Him
The Skies His Glory Displayed.
The Trees are speaking of His Righteousness
His Beauty is shown in every Rose
The Skies revealing His Majesty
The warmth of the Sun His Compassion and Love.
The Rainbow His Grace on every Face
and His Joy, Pure Joy is Raining on me
They all testify of His Excellent Ways
they speak of Him every day.

Janet Vargas   © Sept 2012

Sun Blessed Morning

The sun does spill on every flower
the nectar and the dew
On this a blessed morning
created for me and you.
I’m resting here on my rocking chair
basking in the nice warm air
This is a morning of pure delight
I’m precious in His sight.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Birds at Night

The birds in the trees
they nestle there__
under the light of the moon.
It's a starry night
as they rest from their flights,
there's such calm in the light of the moon.
Then daybreak, it does not tarry long
and suddenly they're in song.
They spread their wings in the bright sun rays
What a marvelous display!

Janet Vargas © April 2012

The Earth is The Lord's

The Earth is The Lord's and the fullness thereof
It speaks of His Greatness and it Sings of His Love
Through all of Creation and symphonic splendor
God speaks with a Voice that is soft and tender.
And the birds in the trees and the flowers of
All join in proclaiming this Heavenly King.

Helen Steiner Rice ©


Are'nt you glad you don't live on the moon?
No flowers with nice perfume
or birds singing tunes...
No lush green grass
only a dull hush
No melodies and symphonies
No waterfalls and poppies tall.
Yes, I am glad God gave us the Earth...
The oceans with dolphins
and rivers with swans
The daisies in meadows
that tickle your toes
The dew drops that glisten.
You just have to listen
to the nice gentle breeze
and songbirds in the trees.
What an Infinite Maker
is our Creator.

Janet Vargas © Oct 2012

Sunny Day

Clear blue skies on a sunny day
Autumn leaves, they toss and sway
The birds, they are joyfully singing
And to me__ laughter they’re bringing.
I love God’s excellent ways
For He knows they would be such pleasure
All these things on a sunny day.

Janet Vargas © March 2012

Magnify The Lord

I will Magnify, Magnify, yes Magnify The Lord
I will Magnify The Lord who made Heaven and Earth
He stretched out the skies like a canopy
and made the sun to rule over land and sea.
He set boundaries for the shorelines
He's the Master of time.
He made galaxies in space and the milky way
The Heavenly Hosts and all we see today
The snow capped mountains and ridges
the rivers and glaziers
a Mighty God is He.

When you step into a rainforest
you feel His Presence there
the air is so still and clear.
When you stroll along the shoreline
the waves come rolling in
They're storing up in breakers
then ripple at your feet
What a marvelous God is He.
For He made the fields of poppies
and blossoms on the trees
All this is fascinating to me.

I'm intrigued at His Creation!
Wonderful, Wonderful
Yes Wonderful to me
He rules over all Creation
what an Awesome God
He breathed into me His Spirit
and He makes me
into what I am to be.

Janet Vargas   © Jan 2013

God's Cute little Creatures

He made the butterflies and bees
They fly in the air and look so free.
Willy-wags and sparrows and tropical fish
and little turtles that walk on a dish.
He even made the ladybirds
those cute little bugs that fly like birds.
When you see them in the garden
you feel so blessed and take a rest.

Janet Vargas   © Sept 2012

A Clear Day

On a clear day, beauty will astound you
yes, beauty will surround you on a clear day
The sun shines on the snow capped mountains
and over the deep blue sea.
The forests with their sunlit trees
and flowers of the fields__
all this is beautiful to me
yes beauty all around.
Indeed it is beyond compare
You will see them all on a clear day.

Janet Vargas © April 2012

Glorious Day!

See His reflection in the skies
His Glory and His Wonder
displayed for us on this Splendid day
where the maggies sing
and children play.
I would not miss this excellent day
I hope you come again.

Janet Vargas   © June 2012

Finding Faith in a Flower

Sometimes when faith is running low
And I cannot fathom why things are so,
I walk among the flowers that grow
And learn the answers to all I would know…
For among my flowers I have come to see
Life’s miracle and it’s mystery,
And standing in silence and reverie,
My faith comes flooding back to me.

Helen Steiner Rice © 

Yes the Beauty of Creation: Bubbling brooks and flowing streams
Waterfalls and rivers like a sanctuary
And sun showers of rain. All a reflection of His Glory!

I have more Poems to Place on this Page Soon!

Sometimes I'm filled with Awe and Wonder. When reflecting on the Beauty of Nature the Inspiration comes.