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Finding A Resting Place

Are you finding life's situations disturbing and maybe you need somewhere to hide – so to speak? Are you hiding yourself in your work or your room or even pleasure? Hide yourself in God and He will take care of you. Each day, take a little time to come aside with Him and rest – do nothing but relax with Him and fix your focus on

Him and you together and you will find comfort and strength in that quiet still place. This is the sure place of refuge that scripture speaks about – it will become your haven of rest. In all life's situations you can go there and find rest for your soul.

He will take care of you and you will find rest from work because you cease from your labors and your mind is in rest mode. Your room will become a place of peace instead of unrest with disturbing thoughts – your emotions become healthier because you've found a better place of retreat. You cease to be a slave to pleasure because you will find true pleasure: a place of wholeness instead of addiction to happiness and a place of Joy that is independent of circumstances.

Hiding yourself in your work, your room or pleasure leads to imbalances you don't want, and can sometimes be upsetting to your love ones, because they feel left out

or maybe they are really concerned for you.

God says that His ways are a refuge for us – that give us wisdom and strength in life's situations – His Presence is a sure place of refuge. We need a balance of both. Make that your solution in this time of need. First, start with His Presence –

you can't go wrong – you will become a truly wise person and you will find

the answers to your needs for He may even speak to you.

Whatever, you will find comfort for He is a sure solace.

Janet Vargas © July 2014

Sometimes thoughts can be running through our minds that

are not true of God or us...others or situations. The following

words help us to keep a check on this in the words we speak

and hear as well resulting in happier hearts and lives.

Keeping above Things

You can rise and fall with your words

so let them be wholesome and true

They can lift your feelings or bring them down

look to Jesus and make a new sound

Joy in His Words, the best I have heard.

Let them give you a lift and make you fit

for life's situations, this is true salvation

from day to day along life's way

there is Saving Grace and a sure solace.

Think of those things that are lovely and wise

if you do you'll experience a nice surprise.

Whatever is of a good report

those are the things that should be sought.

In conversation give resignation

to things that weigh you down.

Yes make a new sound

Let there be Joy and Laughter

not just in the here-after

But have some today

it's free without pay.

Janet Vargas © July 2014

Comfort Is

Comfort is knowing that He really Cares

our Gracious God and Savior

we're in His Favor

freely given in Jesus Name

knowing He's ever always the same

Yesterday, Today and Forever.

He becomes your sweetest treasure

is to steady your eyes on Him

letting your spirit be filled to the brim.

It's to be found in His Grace

a sure solace, when you seek His Face.

Trusting in the Goodness of God

when walking on this earthly sod.

Yes this is the essence of true Comfort

finding yourself in the Presence of God

and Resting in His Love.

Janet Vargas © September 2014

Rest Is

Rest is found in His Presence Divine

it's just like when the weather is fine.

Not letting your thoughts or feelings get out of line

this is to be blessed with Rest.

Rest is knowing the Peace that comes with Trust_

Trusting in His Goodness

Trusting in His Grace

Trusting in His Ability

Knowing He's there, our God who Cares.

In this Rest you find Strength

in this Rest you find Comfort.

Placing yourself in the Hand of God

Resting your cares on Him.

Janet Vargas © September 2014

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