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The Coming of Christ Jesus is known in Scripture as our Blessed Hope and He is Coming for those who are Awaiting His Appearing... such a GLORIOUS DAY that will be when we SEE JESUS.

How much do you look forward to this? So many of us are busy with thoughts, desires and activities of each day.....but if we were about to be newly-weds, we would be waiting for that occasion with passion as we go about our daily lives.....Jesus waits for us with Passion.

He Comes....

"Beyond those Gates"

it's getting late_

the Son of God will Come

to reward each one

for what he has done

with Faith and Truth and Love

This is the Dispensation of Grace

and soon we'll SEE His FACE.

Janet Vargas © Dec 2012

Break of Day!

Jesus Comes at the Break of Day

our Bright Morning Star.

With the Trumpet Sound He Greets us

"Come with me to your Home afar...

There's a Joyful Celebration

ALL has been Prepared!"

Here He Is! Clothed in LIGHT

What a BLESSED Sight!

Janet Vargas © Dec 2012

In Glory!

All Heaven is lit by the LIGHT of the SON

in Endless Days of PRAISE

They sing GLORY, GLORY to the KING

the matchless "ANCIENT of DAYS"


beyond those Heavenly Shores!

A place there is reserved for me

since the day that I let Him in.

Janet Vargas © April 2012

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