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With Jesus in our heart_ we have the most Loving Father ever! Unlike many natural fathers, His love is consistent....constantly watching over us...unfailing in Patience and Faithfulness....full of Mercy and Benevolence. Our Father-Creator, there is none like Him....He truly satisfies, when we spend time with Him. He Enjoys our company and likes to see us happy.....

Glorious Father

Dear Glorious Father There is no other

Who can compare with You

It really is true__

You’re Majestic and Strong,

so gentle You fill my heart with song

You’re with me all day long.

Janet Vargas © March 2012

Needed Rest

He gives me repose when I am there

away in the cleft of the Rock

And there I’m sure He fully knows

those things on me to bestow.

When I am lost with Him in prayer

“not a worry, not a care”__

is my strength for being there.

Janet Vargas   © March  2012

Our Creator’s Special Touch

To smell a rose in sweet repose

And in it's fragrance delight

To walk along those shorelines

And touch a gentle leaf.

The sweetness of a baby’s breath

And those bubbly feet.

Of luscious fruit to have a taste

And feel the nice fresh air.

To hug my comfy pillow

To have a nice sunny day.

Such blessings from a Wonderful Maker

Who made earth and sky.

Janet Vargas    © June   2012

Heavenly Harmony

Heavenly Harmony is in my heart today.

In His Presence Divine

things work out in perfect time

truly I feel just fine.

Spending time with the Father

there is LAUGHTER

and Blessings to fill my day.

Janet Vargas    © April 2012

Pleasantly Blessed

Under my blankets at night__

so cosy I would be__

I look through my window at the stars

The moonlight resting there_

I ponder my days activities

when I went for a walk

I thank you God and I praise You

for all these comforts of mine.

You've blessed my day

You've blessed my night

I'm precious in Your sight.

Janet Vargas © April 2012

Come to the Father

Our wonderful Savior gave us God's Favor

in this we are truly blessed.

Come to the Father and let not your Trust waver

you will find such Peace and Rest.

He's not like the father's of this world

be in His Grace and Comfort held.

His Love can be bliss you would not miss

if only you knew how He is so True.

Open your heart to Him

He will fill you to the brim!

Janet Vargas © Oct 2013

The Mighty God of Creation introduced Himself to us in the Person of Jesus: God actually became one of us so we could know His Nature_ what He is really like. And we see His Beauty in many places of Nature like Rivers & Snow Capped Mountains....The Ocean and Sunlit Trees....Flowers and Butterflies.....Cute little Creatures and MORE!

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