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Sometime Soon, I will have AUDIO POEMS available on JANET AND JESUS on MP3's or Audio Players.....I have envisioned this for sometime as

I like reading them out loud and think that Visitors to my Web-Sites would ENJOY them too!

To my knowledge, it is the first I know of anything like this.

There is something about the sound of a's really quite relaxing.

A Poem actually sounds quite different when read by the person who penned it to when you read it....the emphasis and different tones of expression are there, the way it was written. There will be a small PayPal button by them for Donations rather than Price.

Also, you will notice on the next Page, that I have a New INSPIRATIONAL CARD Store with a Difference, on a separate Web-Site called


You can see Samples and read about it on the Next Page on the Menu INSPIRATIONAL CARDS

Donations for the MP3 Audio Poems will actually assist me in making more of a Selection available as it is really quite an expensive exercise. I've spent $2,000 just in recent weeks to implement this venture......I'm very passionate about this.

I simply want to BLESS people by adding HAPPINESS to

your Day!

You can find them on

There has been an interest from a few Christian women to Donate to my Inspirational Work. I'm usually hesitant to solicit funds however, I really appreciate your kindness. So to thankfully assist anyone who feels this way inclined, I will place this PayPal button here.

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