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True Friendship is for Joy and Fun sometimes. Don't let your friends get out of line. Sometimes we need to make boundaries..... and always to choose our friends wisely. This can spare us from unnecessary stress and grief. I say these things for your relief -

friendships are made to be a blessing, don't settle for less.

This Page was previously called Wisdom with Friends

and who does not need some of the skills at this

present time you will find here?

Treasured Friendship

In trust and harmony

our friendship, you and me

Treasured times together

a fond-ship that lasts forever

Looking forward to those special times

we'd meet somewhere nice

when the weather is fine

We'd share our secrets, yours and mine

Yes, pleasant and happy times.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Blessed Boundaries

When engaged in conversation

that attempts to weigh you down

remind them of the scriptures

before they make you frown.

We should order our conversation

to see the Salvation of The Lord

It should be pleasing to the hearers

a blessing we could afford.

So if you want to talk to me

then you'd be truly wise

if you refrain from negativity

and reports of strife.

I'll be careful not to lend my ears

to endless talk that leads to tears.

Because I value the Peace within me

it's a precious gift from Jesus

He gives to keep us Free.

Janet Vargas © Oct 2013

Wisdom in Friendship

If you wish to be my friend expect me not to lend

my ears to negativity, of that I've made an end.

If you choose life and refrain from strife

we have some common ground.

But I will not engage in endless words

that make me wear a frown.

So if you have a good report

of how God is good to you

I have something to respond to

and it will keep you from feeling blue.

The words we speak are important

so let us be wise when we choose.

They make our friendship without relent

and that is kindness meant.

For if I hear all those sad reports

how can I lift you up?

Each time you give them you're getting deeper

I would not truly be a friend.

So let's share things that lift us up

it's written in His Word.

This way our conversations

can be some of the best we've heard.

Janet Vargas © Oct 2013

True Friendship

If you're feeling joyful or sometimes bleak

Your presence I would always seek

We lend each other special strengths

we're with each other for the length.

We seek to build each other up

in joyful loyalty and trust.

We like to have those special times

where we share our secrets__ yours and mine

True friendship lasts forever.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you.

They are not perfect but are always perfect for you.

~ Author Unknown

A Better Friendship

The last time that you spoke to me

to get things off your chest

when you forgot them afterwards

I was not feeling at my best.

I'd like to have some lighter times

for laughter and for fun

some peaceful relaxation

like when our friendship begun.

We're living in a world of stress

you know that would be less

if we value each other's company

in ways that make us free.

Enjoying certain activities

not just sitting down

we could enjoy a walk in a park

with nature all around.

There's something about activities

they make us forget our cares.

So does placing them on the shoulders

of our Mighty God upstairs.

Janet Vargas © Oct 2013

True Qualities in Friendship

You have a say and I have mine

we may not fully agree all the time

You don't have to meet my every need

that is a kindness, love indeed.

Your manner fosters special trust

not given to pride contempt or lust

That is a friendship that will work

where discontentment does not lurk.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Blessing Others

Let not my ears be too holy

when others are in need

Let me not overwhelm them with advice

all those things I think best for their life.

But to let them know simply

of the One who sets Free

let them see this in me

the best encouragement I can give.

For if they feel this in a gentle way

the Love of Jesus can Bless their day.

When they open their hearts

this will be a new start.

And if not, it's a seed well sown

Your Glory can be shown

when they remember the time we met

and how their hearts did feel so blessed.

Janet Vargas © Oct 2013

Healthy Friendships

People are not always at their best

but on these qualities our friendships

should rest:

Forgiveness when one speaks a word out

of line

but it should not be necessary all the time

Some interests to be shared and ventured

Pleasant times that we can treasure__

that does not have to be without measure

And occasional time for adventure.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Time for Change

You've made my life unrestful

you really ought to know

with your discontents

your perception has been slow.

Each time you share your hardships

it casts shadows on my day.

Where are the days that we once had

that used to make me glad?

You've become so serious

why don't you offload on God?

His shoulders are much bigger than mine

He has more energy and the time

to hear your needs but also make free.

Please choose Him next time instead of me

for I have challenges too

I was not meant to be in your shoes

I'd like to rest where skies are blue.

My heart used to be so free in God

while walking on this earthly sod.

I'm making a choice to return once more

would you like to join me

it's like pleasant shores?

If not my friend, I must go my way

to find myself some better days.

Janet Vargas © Oct 2013

Choose Wisely

Once I had some friendships

that went like sour grapes

They used to be so sweet they really were a treat.

Take care with whom you share your secrets

and aspirations in life

Make sure it is a proven friend who will not give you strife.

If life becomes too much for them

do not your confidence lend

for their moods can be unstable

even at your table.

Make them a casual acquaintance

and do not give them entrance

to the inner circle of your heart

be careful from the start

to see their true nature not just at their best

Make sure they are consistent so you have rest.

And if you can trust them you're truly blessed

you've found a friend indeed.

Janet Vargas © Oct 2013

Attributes in Friendship

You don't have to meet my every need

but we're there for each other when there's

a special need.

Joyful times we like to share

that should not have to be one that's rare.

Life's not perfect, this we know

in these times our kindness shows

We're there for each other

like sisters and brothers

You have my trust and loyalty

affections that were meant to be__

always constant but I am free.

Seek for balance and liberty.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Yes, I've had a few challenges with friends in recent years that

resulted in 'burn-out' - if you've heard of that term. My sister

invited me on a refreshing holiday....and on return,

Jesus gifted me with Poetic Language so I could keep the nice

Nature Feel of that short country trip.

I recommend NATURE and Pleasant Music to those who

are exhausted. Try them and SEE!

YES, Friendship is meant to be a Blessing.

 It's alright to have a listening ear if you listen

to your needs as well. ©

Friendship is not for meeting each other's needs

but people often think it is. ©

Don't expect your friend to meet your need

but expect God to meet both your needs. ©

It is good to have some joy in friendship....

not problems all the time. ©

You can make an atmosphere that would

make for cheer....ask your friends to work at it with

you. Most people don't think of this!


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