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Jesus had two expectations of was to love Him with all our heart and the other was to consider the wishes of others as we consider our own ....... the Emphasis of things that He placed more Importance on, varies in the hearing and lives of believers but we cannot skip the basics if we are to truly please Him.

By Grace....

In Jesus, no-one is better than another

for we're all Saved by Grace before His Face

Not our works or our callings, that's a sure way of falling

from this Grace in which we stand in our Maker's Mighty Hand.

Jesus lived the Perfect Life, Jesus did a Perfect Work

The Plan of Redemption knows no imperfection.

So trust this Work of Grace, let Joy be on your face

Every time you wake, start your day with Praise

Live through the day with a heart that is light

for you are precious in His Sight

and give your thanks at night.

Janet Vargas © Jan 2013

In the Light

Those walking in the Light are precious in His Sight

we grow in the Light when we're not uptight

and don't find the need to fight.

So stay in the Light where you can bloom

you do this by giving others room.

Room for expression and peace of mind

they don't have to agree with you all the time.

If you are offended by their words

think of Jesus' the sweetest heard.

Keep His Words of Life

they will save you from strife.

Be a Life Extender with a heart that's Tender

Have a heart of compassion and one of passion.

Life is worth living when you are forgiving

Keep walking in the LIGHT.

Janet Vargas © Jan 2013

Words of Comfort

Re People and Life

People are people__ and that is true

They don't always show in their manner

that I like/love you.

Sometimes they're thoughtless but not with intent.

Sometimes they make you discontent

by their words or their actions

but they have no idea__

you were truly offended but sometimes dear.

Take these encouragements friends of mine

people are not considerate all the time.

So if you're feeling poorly

then there is surely

A Friend of friends who stands by you.

His Name is Jesus. . . . . . . 24/7

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Spreading JOY

I will not strive for my will and my way

but seek to gladden another's day

This is when I laugh and say

in this way I want to stay.

To bring other's Joy makes me Rejoice

for this I'll gladly lift my voice...

Bringing Good Cheer that God is Near

if you do this often

your skies will be clear.

Janet Vargas © Jan 2013

Trust God

Be not envious of others

but trust in The Lord

He will cause you to rejoice

Be not envious of others

but trust in The Lord

for He has plans for you too.

Janet Vargas © Jan 2013

I put these principles into practice and find them to be True
if you'd like to also, you will be such a blessing!

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