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Here on this Page I will share with you details for Writings and CDs by some of the most truly anointed Christian ministries of our Day I know you will be blessed by in a life changing way.....

Seeing through Heaven's Eyes by Leif Hetland - nicknamed the 'Love Apostle'

An excerpt: The Holy Spirit said "The rhythm of Heaven is in the waltz"in reference to the culture of Heaven. The parable of the Prodigal Son opened up a window of Heaven something of what the culture is like there. It is not a dull boring was a festive place, full of Joy "music and dancing"....even the Angels joined in....."Joy is a serious business in Heaven" and what better way to express Joy than by dancing?

Even the Creation account has a rhythm of the way it was written. "And God said...and there was...and it was good...and there was morning and there was evening". Feel the graceful movement of the words? They're almost dancing!

The Trinity dancing in love, joy and unity, created the universe as their great ballroom, with galaxies serving as chandeliers and great expanses.........Love, Joy, Unity.

Wherever the Triune God goes, this trinity of virtues accompanies Him.

He said "Let us make man in our Image and likeness"

Contents of this book are: Seeing God the way Jesus sees Him - Seeing God in His Glory - Seeing ourselves the way the Father sees us - Seeing man in his glory and paradise in it's splendor - Seeing paradise lost and our homesickness for Eden - Seeing ourselves as beloved sons and daughters - AND MORE!

He also has a ministry in the area of Restoring your God given Dreams that has been restorative in the lives of so many!

Go to or make a simple search on Amazon!

See his CDs and DVDs listed on DaySpring Online

Baptism of Love - Dare to Dream - Father Loves You - Your Kingdom Come

If you go to this Web-Site, you will find a Lovely moving scenery with music Video DVD called Reflections of Spring!

For those who love Nature and Modern Produced Old Fashion Romances

Sometimes I buy DVDs from AMAZON.COM.....and have commenced a LISTAMANIA with them of some really nice DVDs I have purchased and Enjoyed several times (occasional viewing when I have time to spare) that you may like to browse through. It's a list of personal recommendations that Amazon Members can create if they wish to do so....a really good idea when people have good content to share!

My Listamania is called


You may find some Items you like there.


New Life Springs Forth

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