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God gives Grace for our Solace

Let His understanding be enthroned on your heart

so you can feel ten feet tall instead of ten inches small.

If we give ourselves the grace to overlook our faults as we do

with others maybe we will see the beauty in ourselves like we do

with others.

Talk with someone who has a better opinion of you than you do

think of their report, that is knowledge well sought

remind yourself and don't let it wait on a shelf.

If you have no-one like this to converse with

there is God your maker – let your trust be His

He thinks good thoughts about you every day

remember this along life's way.

Thoughts of Kindness, thoughts of Grace

when He looks on your dear face.

Mercy meek and Mercy mild

He thinks you are His special child.

So be of good cheer for God is near

He's closer than the air you breathe

in His Presence you are free.

If we could see the nice things in ourselves that we do in others

our thoughts would be much kinder to us

much happier instead of sad

and make for the things that are glad.

Pleasant reminders of good things inside us

those are the ones we must trust.

Janet Vargas 2014

Definition of Morale

Emotional or mental condition with respect to cheerfulness, confidence, zeal, etc.,

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