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To Live with Joy

Joy, Pure Joy He gives to me

and I feel truly Free

Free from the confines of man

for this is His Perfect Plan

to be in the Light

precious in His Sight.

To know His Love

on wings of a Dove.

He gives me a reason to Rejoice

and I delight to lift my voice

in Songs of Praise

throughout my days.

Yes, this is an Excellent Way

to really live, He freely gives

us Joy, Pure Joy

that we can employ

to keep above the things of this world

so in His Glory we can be held.

Join in the Dance, a Heavenly Romance

Rejoice with the Prince of Peace

in this you'll find release

from all that gets you down

and makes you wear a frown.

Joy and Laughter is not for hereafter

but Now so you can shout

the Victory shout, give doubts a clout.

You're seated with Christ

in Heavenly Places

to experience His Joy

not just in traces.

He said that your Joy may be Full

each time on Him you Call

it's there for the asking

and to be lasting.

Live in it each day along life's way

it's truly free, you don't have to pay

But as you spend it you'll have more

more this side of Heaven's Shores

Yes, live in it every day

with your Triumphant Lord

His glories to afford

It's there for the asking

so you can be basking

in the Blessings of Heaven

they are without leaven

He gives us Joy, Pure JOY.

Janet Vargas © June 2013

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