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Some Poems relating to

our Walk with Jesus

Close to Jesus

In that Heavenly Place

where I gaze at Your Face

in my leisure time with You__

my heart knows such pleasure

You are my Treasure

You give me a Love that is True.

I worship and bless You

I like to adorn You

with my heart-felt Praise__

Just to sit at Your Feet

and to lovingly greet

Your Heart that's

entwined with mine.

Janet Vargas © April 2012

Walk with Me

Walk with Me in the Light

and let your spirit shine bright

Keep always My Words of Life in sight

and cling to Me.

Care not for the things of yesterday

but live with Me always for today

Be mindful of the words you say

and live for Me.....

I'll be your Guide as you stay by My side

in Me ABIDE.

Janet Vargas © Aug 2012

Christ in Me

Just like a melody_ a bright new tune

with Christ in my heart I feel so new

He Loves me immensely

and so intently

My heart is filled with song He's with me all day long.

Wherever I go He goes

He is Christ in me

The Hope of Glory

it's a new story

with Christ in me.

Janet Vargas ©

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