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Bringing some lovely Poems and Inspirations to you that will enhance your day with JESUS who is so Beautiful - Our Risen Lord and I had in mind a Web-Site to reflect His Nature and Glory.

Thanks for visiting!

Let Janet show you through the Wonder of Creation

and what Living with Jesus is all about. Find a new vitality in your Walk with God. Yes this can be YOU and it starts with SIMPLICITY.

Yes pleasant Poems can be Refreshing and Inspiring.

And the effects can last a Lifetime!!!

I have a Web-Site called Inspirations for You with 40-50 Pages of Pleasant Poems, Photos of Flowers and Nature and Reflective Music that has brought a lot of PEACE and JOY to many hearts and lives attracting 130,000 visitors in 2012-2018. I felt I would like to commence a Christian Site as well early in 2013 for those who love Jesus and would love to read some spiritually orientated Poems as well. There are several Christian Poems on

There are Poems here of Encouragement and Restoration; Quality Friendships; Joy and Peace and Living with Joy; Direction in Life and Poems on Faith with a difference. 

There are also Poems of Praise and Worship; Love and Adoration; Strength in God;   Heaven and Angels;   Rejoicing and Second Coming of Christ.  

Are you looking forward to Heaven and Jesus Coming? If you are, you won't want to miss my Pages of Heavenly Poems on Glorious Heaven and Jesus Coming........ take a look at them.

I add Poems as I feel inspired to do so... I have just added

a new Page on the Wonder of Creation.... you will love it, I'm sure. Take care not to miss the Jesus Makes Free Page.

I want you to ENJOY your visit in a REFRESHING WAY.

Have a NICE DAY!

Make sure to see the following Pages

Many will benefit from them

About Enjoying His Presence!

Refreshing and Soothing Words

that enrich and comfort. 

You should read these Poems

don't underestimate the title!

If you want to know more about

the Fullness of your Salvation

you won't want to miss this Page!

 I was going to be preaching at Seminars some years ago

but I've since found my Niche on the Net. I simply love Uplifting

others and Building them Up - One to One.

"Bless you Today and Every Day"


I am pleased to announce to you that I have

commenced a new website to encourage

and inspire Christians this week (20th Aug 2017).

I know you will love it!

© Copyright Notice:

For good reasons, a very strict copyright applies to poems on this Web-Site and

will be enforced: none of this work is to be used in books or eBooks of any kind

OR Web-Sites. Protective measures apply!

In respect to other use: You may copy a certain amount on a CD Rom for someone who does not have Internet or needs to economize with their bandwidth (Internet Use).


You may print a certain amount of Poems, Quotes & Sayings for your own personal use but I   do not permit any printing for public use by Churches etc in News Letters or Magazines..........the same applies to Internet. No exceptions made. I have plenty of bandwidth for your family and friends to visit here.   Please respect my wishes!

Quieted in Him

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