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Heaven is so Glorious from what we read in Scripture.....some of us have seen in Visions or an NDE experience when brought back to life and restored to love ones. Yet so many of us who look forward to this Inheritance in Christ don't actually think of this Glorious Hope very often - it is'nt part of our daily thoughts and desires. You know, it can be?

Days in Heaven

Beyond compare

is time spent there

Celestial Arts

Music fills the Air

Praise to our King

our hearts will sing

Yes, blessed beyond compare!

Janet Vargas © April 2012

Heavenly Home

That is my Home beyond the Stars

beyond the Milky Way__

A Place that knows GLADNESS

where there is NO sadness

A Place where there's sunshine ALL day.

A Place where Music fills the Air

A Place of BEAUTY beyond compare!

All hearts are ONE with the LOVE of the SON

there is Sweet Fellowship there.

Old things, they pass away

there's JOY in your heart EVERY DAY.

This is my Hope, my Blessed Hope

when I SEE my SAVIOUR one day!

Janet Vargas © April 2012

Vision of Heaven in Prayer

All this and more

at the Break of Dawn

I'm off to a New World to SEE

where the people there

are gathered in glee

like a GLASSY SEA.

I see them beckoning me

"Come with us up here

HIS GLORY is Everywhere"

I hear them cheering me!

"The Lord does valiantly

your life will be spent

in ceaseless praise

when you're gathered hear with us.

There's such BEAUTY everywhere

in His Glory you will share.

Heavenly BLESSINGS, Eternal Bliss

it's Marvelous UP HERE!"

 Beautiful Place

It's a Beautiful Place


beyond those HEAVENLY SHORES

A Place with a RIVER

and free flowing fountains

laced with flowers and trees!

DELICIOUS FRUITS we have not seen

will be ours to FREELY glean.

These things and MORE

HE HAS in Store

when we're ready

to meet our KING!

Janet Vargas © April 2012

One Day in Heaven

One day in Heaven I shall be

where endless Joys and Melodies

fill every soul in residence there

in that Glorious place beyond the stairs.

Yes in that place of pure delight

where all are happy in His sight

life shall be a symphony

of many souls in harmony

Living with the King of Kings

there among the Angels Wings.

Janet Vargas © Jan 2013

There are beautiful writings called "Seeing through Heaven's Eyes" in Resources

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