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We are Wonderfully Made

God gave us eyes to see the bright blue sky

or rain drops on petals that are close by

They can even read music and behold a suprise

so they're linked to our brain and our heart

where intelligence and beauty lies.

We can gaze at a river or a nice peaceful lake

the waves of the ocean ripple into the shore

the formations of birds across the sky

a stately tower or butterflies on flowers.

God gave us ears to hear the sound of a voice

or a gentle rippling stream

the sound of joy and laughter

or the sound of little feet.

The sound of birds singing

such joy to us they bringing

We are blessed with music

and sweet refrains

opening a precious gift

and the stillness after the rain.

God gave us a mouth to speak and sing

to take part in conversation

It even has taste buds to enjoy our favorite foods

delicious savories and fruit so sweet.

Our teeth give clarity to our words

they can bite into an apple or a handful of nuts.

So with our mouths we enjoy communications

and certain foods for our nutrition.

God gave us a nose to experience fragrance

like the smell of a rose and blossoms on trees

the pines of a forest and fresh sea air.

With our nose we can smell a nice glass of wine

and certain recipes that to us are sublime

A nice warm soup or plate of fresh fruit

each one of us are different, pleasures to suit.

God clothes us with skin to house our body

and give us appearance

Each one of us look different

with expressions and features.

Our skin can experience the warmth of sunshine

and the nice gentle breeze.

God gave us our hands with fingers

to work, play and touch

they can work at a keyboard on a PC

they can play a piano, intriguing to see.

They can fondly touch a love one's cheek

or play with a baby's bubbly feet.

We can lift our hands to the sky

exercise and praise God on high.

We can hold hands with a companion dear

carry a basket of groceries

from a shop that is near.

God made our feet to walk with

and take us different places

in the sand hills near a sea or river

we leave our different traces.

Our feet, they pitter patter when we are very young

we like to rest them sometimes when we lay in the sun.

Our feet can run and skip and dance

and feel cosy in our beds.

A baby's feet are precious with their little toes

they are so bright and playful

cute like their little nose.

Our feet, they are so faithful

to carry all our weight

through work and play and exercise

we need to treat them nice.

They enjoy a gentle massage with a little oil

or suds in a nice comfy bath

make it one that lasts.

God gave us a brain to work things out

to make decisions with

to laugh and shout.

Our brain has certain messengers

that work in different ways

we would not be without them

they are for life our friends.

We are blessed with baby brain cells

each new day when we arise

We make so many discoveries

what a nice suprise.

Our brain responds to nutrients and to stimuli

with our feelings we can reason

and each sense we are endowed with.

God gave us a heart with feelings

to love and to be loved

if you don't have a loved one consider Him above

for He will come right into your heart

and be as close as the air you breathe

His blessings you can receive

If you have family responsibilities

or maybe live alone

He can become so precious

you have only to believe.

Our hearts are made to circulate our blood

through the hours of each day

they were made to know His kindness

in certain special ways.

Yes we were made in wisdom from our mighty God on high

He made each facet of nature and did not leave us out

The sun and sea He made for us to enjoy

Times and seasons He made

for us to venture and be blessed

His mercies are new every morning

that's so we could be refreshed.

Janet Vargas © Oct 2014

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