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"Tell my people there is a Lifting up" that's what God said to Israel. It's so much better for us because of JESUS.....He really showed the way to live above things and so many fail to find it. Friends,

He IS your Way to live Happy and Free.

That does not mean we have a life free of any problems because we can develop real strength and character....but life is not meant to be one of needs and problems. He did speak of Living Life more Abundantly_ A fuller Life a Better one. YES!


Let your hearts Live

Yes, let your hearts live

don't let your lives go through a sieve

with sad thoughts and worry.

You can rise above the cares of life

sadness, worry and strife.

Jesus can transform them

through the power of ceaseless praise

remember this through the day.

He can't give your praise for you

but wondrous things He will do

if you catch the essence of His Presence

in moments of the day

in praise His Kindness pays.

Do not focus on your needs

that is gladness, yes indeed

when you think of all the wonderful things

that can come your way.

Yes in His Presence stay

He likes to Bless when you are at Rest.

He is interested in the activities of your day

As you look to Him, He will Bless you

let your thoughts be happy ones

so His Light can rest on You.

Janet Vargas © Oct 2013

Heavenly Longevity

Seek from ME pleasure

for I give without measure

Those who adore

I will give more

Truly I can satisfy

the heart that is fixed on ME.

In spiritual pleasure

and in leisure

our hearts will be in tune

And by this time next year my child

you will be in full bloom.

Janet Vargas © March 2012

Glorious Father

Dear Glorious Father There is no other

Who can compare with You

It really is true__

You’re Majestic and Strong,

so gentle You fill my heart with song

You’re with me all day long.

Janet Vargas © March 2012

Needed Rest

He gives me repose when I am there

away in the cleft of the Rock

And there I’m sure He fully knows

those things on me to bestow.

When I am lost with Him in prayer

“not a worry, not a care”__

is my strength for being there.

Janet Vargas © March 2012

Joy in Your Presence

I’m of good cheer when you’re near

To me it is so clear__

There’s Joy in Your Presence

You are the essence

of happiness and good cheer.

You come to me joyfully

And fill my heart with song

You bless me plenteously

In Your Presence I feel so free.

Janet Vargas © May 2012

Blessed Expectations

When you pray to your God

expect Him to do something Good

Expect Him to meet your needs

so you can be Free.

Expect Him to turn your shame to praise

so you can live happy throughout the day

we often make the mistake

letting our praise be late.

We need to thank Him before we see

the answers and gifts to meet our needs.

Jesus said when you pray believe

that you've already received.

Before they are manifest

you can be happy and blessed.

So live in celebration

He has given this delegation.

For this is the way He lived on Earth

as one of us through virgin birth.

This is really the Best way

Expectations will fill your Day!

Janet Vargas © Oct 2013

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