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Our Father, hallowed be Your Name, Your Glory we proclaim.Be glorified in our hearts and lives each one, through the works of the Son. He is Victorious, He died and Rose for us. Wrapped in a Glory cloud, He ascended on high to be by Your side. He is Reigning now Today, He has triumphed, give Him PRAISE. Glory be to the Ancient of Days, now and Forever You're always the Same.Be manifest in our hearts and lives - this is in receiving, we don't have to strive. Blessings are ours we don't have to pay. Your benevolent nature is always the same.Freely You give, may our hearts live! Beauty for ashes, yes You impart gladness. You build up the good things in our lives, we give you the others that make us sigh.Things given to You can be transformed into blessings, we are no longer forlorn. Be glorified in us - for this we were born. Heavenly Blessings are on their way, plenteous to those who believe and say....I have a Good God, freely He gives. Rise to the occasion - oh let your hearts Live!

Holy Spirit remind me....

Happiness is a choice. Happiness is a decision, don't let problems send you in derision. On good things meditate - make this often, be not late. WITH CHEERFULNESS, LIFT YOUR VOICE

you don't have to feel it, this is a choice. It will come after, and sometimes laughter - you must make the first step, be not quick to fret.

Try this today and every day - truly this is a better way. you will be

glad instead of sad, don't let yourself feel so bad.

Yes this is a way to be truly Free - not dependent on feelings

this you will See!

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